Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beginning. Observation. Thoughts.

I thought of launching this blog just to put all my thoughts in one location. Most people considered me as a food connoisseur which I admittedly say that I am. But I'm also passionate about other stuffs apart from food. Throughout the years, I have been reading a lot about self-help books and constantly acquiring new knowledge through simple conversation with friends and people that I only encountered once. I won't advertised this blog as I did with my blog Random Cuisine and Montreal Food Pictures. If you happen to drop by this blog, well welcome to my world of random thoughts.

I'm not sure how often I will update this blog. I just want to put my thoughts in one place. I won't be writing any of my fantasies here, rather write about life observations and discussions that I have with my closest friends. If it happens to help you,'re welcome. I'm a man who loves the art of socializing and the art of deception. Throughout the years, I have learnt how to talk to anyone and how to approach them at the right time. I'm a huge fan of social experiments. I love how people react when something unusual happens and how the witness reacts. I'm also a fan of magic tricks which is part of the art of deception. Even though I don't do magic, I love how it deceives the viewer's eyes.


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