Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pursuit of Knowledge

My brother and I are inseparable. We are like one unit. We had an interesting discussion together about our purpose in life. What drives in life... He and I share the same vision - The Pursuit of Knowledge. We both were told from our friends that we are always energetic. We are constantly new stuff every day. This what keeps us busy all the time. He watches a lot of badminton videos just to improve on his skills. He loves number, that's why he is so passionate about his work.

On my side, I'm passionate about science, food, technology, social psychology, fencing, writing. I have so passionate about many things. How can I keep up with all these? I learn from reading about successful people, it is all about knowing about who you are and your body. Know when your energy is at its peak, that's where you tackle on the hardest task of the day or the creative tasks. The least demanding tasks are the ones that require less brain power, the things that you are so used that it has already become second nature - sports, cooking, watching documentary. Even though these activities that you don't use that much brain power, you are still learning on how to become better person. 


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